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George Carette toy train catalog reprinted by Al Roth in 1968. Sixteen page soft cover booklet measuring approximately 8 1/2 by 11 inches.

B&W illustrations of turn of the century Carette locomotives, passenger and freight cars, accessories and track configurations. Carette part numbers indicated for each piece.

Catalog is in excellent condition.


Buyer to pay $2.00 for 1st class shipping in US. Outside US please email for shipping rates.


Authoritative Guide to Lionel's Promotional Outfits, 1960-1969
Written and compiled by John W. Scmid
Editors: Roger Carp and George J. Scmid
Published by Project Roar Publishing, 2007
Condition: New; Trade Paperback; 
Size: 10.9 X 8.5 inches; 848 pp; 1500 color photos; glued binding
Description: Illustrated compendium showcasing the more than 700 electric train outfits that the Lionel company created exclusively as promotional items for retailers that included Sears Roebuck & Co.; Montgomery Ward; Spiegel; Western Auto; A&P; Quaker Oats; and others.
Topics include:
  • How engine and cars came to be individually packed
  • descriptions of the original outfit box (including outfit inserts and packaging)
  • pricing for the complete outfit (and even the empty box alone)
  • original production quantities
  • diagrams for packing the outfit in the outfit box
  • instruction sheets, packed envelopes, as well as peripherals

Price: $70.00. plus $6.00 shipping in US.

Authoritative Guide to Lionel's Postwar Operating Cars


Written and compiled by Joseph P. Algozzini and Emanuel F. Piazza
Editors: Roger Carp and John W. Schmid
Published by Project Roar Publishing, 2005
Condition: New
Size: Trade Paperback; 336 pp; 634 color plates; sewn binding
Description: A complete and authoritative guide to Lionel's postwar era operating cars.
Topics include:
  • Rarity based on actual production numbers
  • Definitions of operating car suffixes
  • Comprehensive appendices on boxes, trucks and couplers and box car "Types"
  • price and rarity for COMPLETE component boxed items

Price: $45.00. plus $6.00 shipping in US.